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May 21, 2021 - By Britta Swanson

If you’re curious about our product, and our team's own research and hasn’t convinced you enough that the AVERZION application is in fact effective, you’ve come to the right article.

Texas A&M recently directed a study with our product to find the answer for our hesitant and doubtful readers - does AVERZION really work?

Well, the answer is, and always has been, YES.

New research and development done on the lasting and effective Scorpion Repel application, AVERZION, has been taking off right before our eyes. Substantial revolutions are heading our way after Texas A&M scientists conducted a study themselves to prove that Scorpion Repels product, AVERZION, is dependable and does in fact prevent scorpions and other pests from climbing surfaces.

This study was conducted by Phillip Shults and Dr. Ed Vargo. Together they discovered after placing two bricks in the same container full of Arizona Bark Scorpions, with one brick treated with the AVERZION coating and one without, that this product is in fact effective and reliable. Each brick contained a deceased cockroach for the purpose of enticing the scorpions to climb.The scorpions were left in the container for 24 hours, and scientists were pleased to find that the cockroach on the untreated brick was removed and eaten, while the cockroach on the brick coated with AVERZION was left untouched.

The AVERZION coating is just too slick for scorpions and other pests to latch on to and climb. It is effective, it is safe, it is lasting, and it is affordable. With even more research and development, proving that our product will provide for our customers, what else is holding you back?

Scorpions are dangerous and their sting can be fatal. Keep yourself, your family, your pets, your guests, and whomever it may be, safe from scorpions climbing inside of your homes.

Call (480) 771-7977 or contact us online to make an appointment. We look forward to serving you!

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