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Tony Gonzales

Founder - Owner


Aaron Gonzales

Founder - Owner

Gissell Palacios

Operations Director

Alex Luna

Research and Development Director

95 Applications is an integrated management solution retailer and creator of AVERZION. It has created the future of advanced pest prevention and is now offering direct B2B sales of the AVERZION product, technology and intellectual property.

AVERZION is a scientifically formulated, pesticide-free coating that creates a strong, tile-like glaze surface on the home's foundation wall or base, preventing scorpions from crawling up and into the home. It was developed over a 7 year period with commercial quality chemists and manufacturers.

95 Applications has created a PMP program in order to enhance the pest control industry and current techniques. AVERZION was also created to reduce scorpion exposures inside homes or structures.

Becoming a purchaser of AVERZION, gives PMPs the opportunity to provide an advanced technology to their clients. AVERZION is the most advanced integrated pest management product, as it is pesticide-free, a one-time application, and a physical barrier proven to prevent scorpions from invading homes.

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Our Purchaser Program

Purchaser Program

We are offering direct B2B sales of AVERZION products, technology and intellectual property. Contact us today for details.

call: 480 202 5500