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AVERZION is protecting OVER 3,500 homes and counting in Arizona, Nevada and Texas. Here is what some of AVERZION users have to say.

Ana Davis, AZ

"We are so happy this process was developed to help deter the scorpions from entering our home. It’s a very cool product and I would definitely recommend it to family and friends as well as the outstanding customer service! Thank you!"

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Brandon W, AZ

"I was looking for something besides a pest control service to give us peace of mind regarding scorpions getting in our house. I considered having our home sealed but it was quite expensive and didn't really seem like it would be super effective."

TA Doyle, AZ

"We moved to AZ last summer and quickly realized that the previous homeowners didn’t fully disclose the number of scorpions. In the first 4 months of moving in we were finding scorpions inside every few weeks. Finding just one was too many so we starting looking for solutions. We went through 3 pest control companies but nothing changed. We were looking into sealing when we came across AVERZION. They applied their barrier product in November and since then we’ve had only 1 get inside. As it was by the patio door it could have made its way in on a towel but regardless, 1 in 10 months is so much better than 1-2 every few weeks! The night after the application we went outside and saw one trying, unsuccessfully, to get onto the house. It has given us peace of mind. We do still have monthly pest control service and we black light hunt a few times a week. We do find them outside but zero on the house!"

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"So happy I called them. Being the mom of a toddler I’ve always been nervous about scorpions hurting my child. Bonus is that it’s non toxic and not a pesticide! The technician that applied it was so nice and very thorough and answered all my questions. I’ll recommend them to everyone!" Mariah Vera, AZ

"I am very happy with the service!! Thanks for taking care of us and to keep the Scorpions out! I totally recommend their service for anyone that is having scorpion issues! its a new kind of a pest control to keep the bugs out especially scorpions!" Tamanna M, AZ

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