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Tony Gonzales, Aaron Gonzales (Founders of Scorpion Repel and AVERZION)

It's a Revolution.

Welcome to the pest management professional world, where there is constant innovation to create better, safer, and more effective products to keep our homes safe from pests. In the making of AVERZION, all these factors were implemented. Better. Safer. Effective.

Our product was developed over a 7 year period with commercial quality chemists and manufactures. Starting as a service company named ‘Scorpion Repel’ specializing in using AVERZION, Tony and Aaron decided to introduce AVERZION to the pest control industry and offer pest management professionals the use of this clear, durable, physical barrier product. In order to help the famous scorpion problem in Arizona, we started with the pain point, having scorpions indoors.

In particular, Arizona Bark Scorpions. The most venomous scorpion in North America lives among us and inside, with us. These bark scorpions climb vertically, meaning they have the power to show up in living rooms, bathrooms, sinks, and anywhere else inside your home.

So how does AVERZION solve this pain point?

It’s a one-time application, pesticide-free, clear, and protects your home with physical barrier technology.

Welcome to the revolution.


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