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Arizona Bark Scorpions are the only lethal scorpions in Arizona

Jaxon, Stung Age 3


Scorpion experiences are very emotional, they take away your comfort in your own home. And when they come for your kids, they produce a new cloud of worry you didn’t know could exist.

We worked with families in the state of Arizona and Texas who experienced first hand the terror of scorpions invading their homes, and stinging their children. Our goal is to bring awareness on how serious this type of situation can be, we want to provide you with guidance on how to protect your family. The story behind AVERZION started from a scorpion home infestation, and a young child being stung.

If you see one scorpion there is a high chance that more are waiting around the corner since they travel in packs. The Arizona Bark Scorpions are known to nest, in a similar way that bees do. If you spot a nest, it can be very dangerous and you may need professional help to remove it. Most importantly, if you or your child spots a scorpion, stay clear of the area and begin to safely remove the scorpion. Use a blacklight, or a wet towel to attract the scorpion out of the surrounding area.

Arizona Bark Scorpions only need the size of a credit card to get in, this is why you need to protect your home with AVERZION.

Ask your local pest control provider if they offer AVERZION.

We interviewed 4 families where their child under the age of 5 were stung by an Arizona Bark Scorpion. All the children were rushed to the hospital, but ended up recovering from the sting days later.

Below is a small recap of their stories.


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