So you have AVERZION on your home - Now what?

June 2, 2021 - By Britta Swanson

After applying the glossy, clear application to the stem wall of your home, questions arise and you might just think, “that’s it?” Our product is durable and reliable - Averzion keeps the scorpions out! But here's some information that will help your family troubleshoot any obstacles along the way.

After Averzion is applied, we cannot guarantee that you won’t see any scorpions in your home right away. It will take time, and that is because in some cases, scorpions are already in your home, hiding in the walls, corners, and crevices. But do not fear, the scorpions have to leave at some point. They will go back outside eventually, whether it’s to feed or find a new home to take over. And when they leave, they can’t get back inside because Averzion keeps them out.

What can I do to speed up the process and make sure my home is scorpion free?

Here at Averzion, we have put together a scorpion survival guide to always keep your home scorpion free after Averzion has been applied to your home.